5 Podcasts to Supercharge your Morning Routine

5 Podcasts to Supercharge your Morning Routine

“You get a podcast! You get a podcast! You all get a podcast!”

Rounding up 5 of my favourite listens to motivate you, make you laugh, make you think, and generally make your morning routine or commute that little bit more awesome.

What does your morning routine look like? It’s probably the same for many of us:

  1. alarm goes off
  2. press the snooze button (perhaps a few too many times)
  3. eventually roll out of bed
  4. brush teeth, take shower/bath/whatever else to feel clean and pretty
  5. eat something
  6. run out of the house.

Once I’ve gotten all of the above out of the way, one thing that’s now become embedded in my journey from A (home) to B (office) is a good podcast. Whether it’s one that’ll have you laughing out loud (yes, by yourself, on the train) or starting up your next side project, there’s really something for everyone. Keep reading to find out 5 of my personal favourites.


5 podcasts supercharge morning routine afia and jay


The GaryVee Audio Experience

The other day I went out for drinks with a friend, and the topic of conversation turned to what some of our favourite podcasts were. I took this as an opportunity to gush about the wonderful entrepreneur, speaker, writer, motivator, marketing extraordinaire, and general awesome personality that is Gary Vaynerchuk. It got to the point where my friend starting teasing me about fancying the guy. To be honest. I probably do. And after listening to The GaryVee Audio Experience, I think you will too.

Even if you’re totally happy with working a 9-5, but want a little motivation to dedicate more of your waking hours to something that’s important to you, Gary Vee is going to be the best person to give you that kick you need.

NOTE: Not for the faint of heart – Gary Vee is a super straight-talking SAVAGE. In the best possible way (thank me later).


5 podcasts supercharge morning routine afia and jay


Masters of Scale

If you’re anything like me and are intrigued to know the creators behind some of your favourite companies, Masters of Scale is the podcast for you. Want to know what conversations Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg had in her home at stupid o’clock before she joined Facebook? Or how the founders of Airbnb visited every single one of their hosts in their early days? Host and founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman finds out all of it and shares it with us through this interview slash story-styled podcast.


5 podcasts supercharge morning routine afia and jay


The Receipts Podcast

Don’t you just love those cozy Saturday evenings in with your girls: wine flowing, juicy conversations, laughs, tears, and general enjoyment of each other’s company? Well, if all of that could be bottled and sold, that product would be called The Receipts Podcast.

Hosted by three 20-something year-old women (and one 31 year old – hey Audrey! *waves*) who discuss everything from careers to broken relationships to favourite films, The Receipts Podcast (check out the hashtag #TheReceiptsPodcast on Twitter) will have you hollering whilst you listen. Oh, and prepare for Tolly T, Audrey, Phoebe Parke and Milena Sanchez to become your new not-IRL-but-totally-legit best friends.


5 podcasts supercharge morning routine afia and jay


1 Cuppa 2 Sugars

Do you love nothing more than to curl up on a sofa on a cold day with a massive cup of tea or coffee? Or do you love to listen to interesting women chatting about their careers? Or both? Well, 1 Cuppa 2 Sugars is the perfect mix of both. She’s interviewed the likes of DJ Yinka Bokinni, beauty entrepreneur and founder of MDM Flow Florence Adepoju, Mercedes Benson and so many more awesome girls, all over a cuppa. Wonderful!

For some reason totally unknown to me, Christabel thought I would be a cool human to chat to on the show too, so you can listen to my episode here (iTunes | Mixcloud)!

Have a little giggle with me as I chat to her about balancing blogging with work, losing luggage in transit and going on Bumble dates wearing a full leg brace (yep. I really did that).

(P.S.: apologies in advance for saying “like” and “kind of” about twenty thousand times. I didn’t realise it was such a bad habit. I’m working on it.)


5 podcasts supercharge morning routine afia and jay


The Call

I will always remember The Call podcast as being the thing I would often listen to on my commute to and from work when I was living in Belgium. Each episode – hosted by former political strategist Erica Williams Simon – is around one hour long, and the walk from my flat to the office was around 30 minutes, so I would learn the ins and outs of some awesome females: dream hampton, Yvonne Orji (Molly from HBO’s Insecure), Roxanne Gay and more.

Erica takes us deep into these women’s histories, and shows us how they became the women they are today. Super inspiring.


There are so many more podcasts that I know and love but these are just a few! What are some of your favourites?