Back in late 2014, a twenty something year-old Londoner* procrastinating heavily from law school homework decided to register the domain name “afia and jay dot com” so that she could tell random stories online about life – and clothes.

She came up with a name which brought together both her personal and the professional lives (“Afia” is both her middle name and her grandmother’s name, and “Jay” is a nickname given to her by classmates and work colleagues), and set out to create content which also shared that contrast between the personal and the professional.

*That Londoner mentioned above is me. I’m literally writing about myself in third person up there like it’s socially acceptable. You’re already beginning to see how awkward I can be at times. Welcome!

Why I started AFIA AND JAY

I wanted a space of my own where I could have fun with fashion and personal style, something I felt my day-to-day didn’t always allow me to do, but also talk openly about the things my friends and I would always discuss and/or worry about, such as our careers, our passionsour relationships, and generally getting older and figuring stuff out.

What AFIA AND JAY is all about

AFIA AND JAY is about the girl (or “woman”? Are we technically “women” now? Mad ting) of today who cares as much about her work, relationships and wellbeing as she does about her wardrobe. It’s about the girl who, much like me, is trying to figure out this whole thing called life (and remember to text everyone back, and get enough sleep, and keep her finances in check) but still look FIRE while she’s at it.

As much as this space has been created by me, I also want to hear from you. Whether it’s your first time visiting this blog or whether you’ve been following my little life anecdotes and fashion posts for ages (if you’re in the latter category, I definitely want to know who you are!) I’d love to know your thoughts. Make sure to leave a comment on the posts you like – or don’t like – or drop me an email, even if it’s just to say hello. You can also connect via social channels (links are on the home page) – because I’m sure you’re just as Instagram-obsessed as I am!

If you are new here, I’ve linked a few key posts below (and above) to help show you around:

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This is the about page for the website afia and jay dot com (afiaandjay.com). Founder Jasmine wears a turtleneck jumper and washed denim mom jeans, both from Topshop

  • I love the concept you have going, not just focusing on fashion but all that really matters!

    • Thanks Francia! PS. love your new site!

    • Thanks so much Francia! PS. love your new blog!

  • Priscilia K. T.

    Hey, I love your blog and the concept behind it. Keep on doing it 🙂


    • Hey Priscilia! Such lovely words – thank you 🙂