Does this mesh bodysuit make me a certified London “fashion girl”?

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I’m about to write the biggest understatement in the history of understatements. Are you ready?

“Time flies.”


Isn’t it so entirely scary to think that four months ago, a whole THIRD OF A YEAR ago, I was sitting in front of my laptop, just as I am doing right now as I type this, about to publish a post on leaving London and going to live in Brussels? Well, today I’m in London. And I’m loving being back!

We really don’t appreciate the things you have until we’re suddenly without them. And whilst I’ve been grateful for the opportunity to spend time abroad – reflecting on life, existing out of my comfort zone and embracing the more difficult times – I’m super excited to be home.

There’s a very distinct buzz about London that I’ve missed – the fast pace, the fashion, the sense of ambition. This mesh bodysuit from Ann Summers very much reminds me of that innate unapologetic and risk-taking attitude to fashion that so many London women have. I wore it out a few weeks ago to a friend’s birthday party and many of you guys loved it (both online and IRL – I’ve never had so many strangers compliment me on my outfit! Thank you!) so I though I’d shoot it properly and add some links to similar items for you.

Summer’s around the corner – can’t wait!
Mesh bodysuit with badge detail, Ann Summers. Neoprene skater skirt, Warehouse. Peep-toe stilettos, Christian Louboutin. Mini Albion Box tote, Sophie Hulme.

  • Really love how you styled this!

    • Thanks so much Michsi! And thank you for reading! Xx

  • DopeQueensProject

    I love this! I have a mesh bodysuit that I bought a few years ago, and haven’t quite figured out how to style. This is such a cute look!

    • Thanks so much! They’re super versatile – just a few weeks before this I wore it with some high waisted jeans and trainers (check my insta!)