Disclosure Policy

Product Reviews

Posts marked with an asterisk  (*) indicate that some or all of the products featured have been sent to me by PR companies or directly from brands for consideration. I only feature products on my blog that I believe are completely fitting to my brand, and will always offer 100% honest feedback on those items, regardless of its source or of any payment received (if the item doesn’t fit so well, or isn’t quite how I usually like things, you’ll know about it).

Affiliate Links

I include links in pretty much all of my posts (e.g. to hook you girls and guys up with the best products, or to direct you straight to an existing blog post or external website that I might have been referring to).

Some of these links have been generated by affiliate websites, which means that I can generate a fractional amount of revenue out of this little old website of mine if and when you go on to make a purchase. But really, if I’m sharing a link, I mainly just want us all to share in the mutual glow-up, okay?

Sponsored Posts

I may be approached by companies who invite me to create specific posts highlighting their brand and/or newest products in return for a fee or other means of consideration.

Again, these posts will be marked with an asterisk (*) to let you know that that’s the case, and I will only ever agree to sponsored content if I feel that (a) it is also complementary to my brand and (b) it is beneficial for you guys.

Please note that this disclosure may apply to my social media accounts. Where this is applicable, posts will be adequately marked to indicate brand/PR collaborations, advertisements, and/or sponsored content.