Taking a look at the contents of this working girl’s handbag (beyond the crumpled receipts, makeup smudges and and pastry crumbs)

There’s a saying that you should never look in a woman’s handbag – I’m not 100% sure what the basis of this is exactly, and so I’m not too worried about bending the “rule” a bit in the name of fashion blogging.

So, here are five key things that I carry around in my handbag* – essentially to help me function between the hours of 9am to “5pm”:



There’s a reason why this is numero uno on my list (and to avoid repetition, you can read about why here, here and here). Similar to my business cards (below), I always have both my personal and work phones on me. But unless there’s a specific reason why I need to have it, I tend to leave my work phone at home during the weekends and try not to look at it if possible.

(Side note: how cute is this marble Ideal Of Sweden phone case and purple Smith & Canova keyring? The team at Ideal of Sweden have told me that you guys can get 20% off everything(!!) on site until Thursday if you use the code “SS17” so shop away!)

afia and jay working girl handbag ideal of sweden phone case smith & canova key ring


Business cards

Even though I don’t always have the time, I try to attend as many fashion and legal networking events as I can around my job. Beyond that, you never know who you’re going to meet on any given day, and so I always have both my lawyer and blogger business cards on me at all times.

I get my personal business cards made at You can choose from hundreds of templates, and the online designing process is super easy (and kind of fun – is that dorky of me to say?)

afia and jay working girl handbag business cards



Energy water

You know that sudden wave of sleepiness you get at work or during studying when you’re literally fighting to stop your eyes from shutting after staring at your computer screen for too long? I’m sure you do. For me, this is made worse when my diet is too high in sugar – which is pretty much all of the time because I have a massive sweet tooth and zero self control. Plus, I have a funny (not so funny) habit of fainting in public in warmer weather, so I always try to keep a bottle or can of water in my bag wherever I go.

I’ve recently started switching my cups of tea for this Virtue Sparkling Energy Water for when I’m feeling my eyelids drooping, or generally if I need some energy. The great thing about it is that it’s packed with natural caffeine (win) and sugars (double win). Get it online, or from Holland & Barrett, mmkay?

I won’t lie – I had to get used to the taste as I’m so accustomed to super sweet lattes. But drinking this lowkey makes me feel like one of those super healthy Pilates-going babes you see gliding around Islington’s Upper Street wearing head to toe Balenciaga or Lululemon (one day, I will be ripped just like you ladies. One day.)

afia and jay working girl handbag virtue sparkling energy water



One thing I love to do on the commute (I say “commute” – it’s actually a 20 minute walk) to work is put my headphones on and listen to some of my favourite podcasts.

I tend to listen to a lot of business-related shows and I feel that doing this gets me inspired first thing in the morning and puts me in the right mindset to handle clients when I arrive at my desk.


I LOVE summer. There’s literally nothing that makes me happier than walking around on a warm sunny day – but you guys knew this already. But apparently there are a fair few humans in this world who don’t like the warmer months at all. And if I were to take a guess as to why, I’d say that the reason probably has something to do with the certain unpleasant fragrances that often come with being too hot (literally, not figuratively).

I always have a bottle of deodorant in my bag for those days when my body wants to forsake me and sweat when it really doesn’t need to. And then there’s face mist: typically a favourite product of mine in the winter months when the weather dries out my combination skin, but which can be used in warmer weather to hydrate your wonderful face on the go.

I use a variety of perfumes, but this particular one from Tom Ford happened to be the closest one to me at the time of shooting. It’s a wonderful “oriental” scent that I like to use for evening, so it’s pretty handy for topping up my fragrance if I’m going from the office straight to a fun (or not so fun) event after hours.
What’s always in your handbag? I feel like I’ve kinda bared my soul here(!) so I want to know what’s in yours!

afia and jay working girl handbag caudal facial mist tom ford perfume
*fun fact: I carry around a simple black tote for work which you guys really don’t want or need to see, so here’s my YSL one instead – I have no shame.)