How I’m Daring to go Bare with Bioderma

How I’m Daring to go Bare with Bioderma

A note on telling the truth, stressing less, and being kind to my skin with Bioderma.

A few weeks ago I received a message from a lovely reader commenting on how clear my skin looked in one of my blog posts. If you’re wondering what the significance of this comment is, you should know that I’ve been struggling with cystic acne for the best part of five years. So anyway, when I got that message, everything in me wanted to reply and say “oh my goodness, thank you so much!” But I knew that said “clear skin” was actually highly effective airbrushing by a photographer I had just worked with, and so I had to come clean:

Afia and Jay acne prone skin Bioderma products text
As I suggested in one of my earlier posts, there’s nothing worse than promoting a product or service that just doesn’t work or isn’t worth it in the name of clicks and commission. I’ve suffered – physically, mentally and emotionally – from having really bad skin, and I’m just so grateful that over the past year it’s gotten a lot better. As I said above – it’s not perfect by any stretch, but it’s getting there.

So here I am, in all of my unretouched, raw and (in the last few photos) make-up free glory. Even though I get really massive pores and I still have the remnants of old breakouts, my skin has improved drastically since my acne first came about in the winter of 2012 and was at its worst in the summer of 2016. It’s started to subside (for good, I hope) at the beginning of this year. The reason for this (I believe) is an amalgamation of the following:

  • making a conscious effort to feel less stressed;
  • cutting out dairy (save for the moments when the offer of pizza presents itself to me and I fail to resist);
  • drastically reducing my sugar intake (remember when I told you I would eat a full sharing (SHARING) packet of Haribos every single day? Well, not any more); and
  • not overloading my face with too much make-up or overly harsh skin care products – with Bioderma being a really gentle yet effective solution so far.

I’m sure a lot of acne sufferers will be able to relate when I say that I’ve tried everything. Prescription creams that make your face feel like sandpaper. Medications that make you feel more ill than before you used them. Changing my diet completely (I went Paleo for a week, before deciding that it was all a bit much). Applying gels and acids and toners and home remedies that burn and itch. It’s tiring. I’ve been using the below lately and thankfully there’s been no harsh burning or itching, and no sudden breakouts either. And if it’s anything to go by, it’s given me the courage to show you guys my face with zero makeup on. Win.

Are any of you suffering g from acne too (or have done so in the past)? What are some of your saviour methods/products? If so, please do share below – there might be someone reading who might just benefit from a tip or two.


Products (in order of use:) Purifying Cleansing Micellar Solution, Purifying Cleansing Foaming Gel and Sensibio Light Soothing Cream, all Bioderma.
*Note: The lovely people at Bioderma gifted me these products to try out based on my skin type (very oily/combination), however I am 100% NOT being paid to say anything nice (or even negative) about the products. In my world, if something calms my skin down (usually after a dairy-heavy meal), I’m going to be happy about it. And these do that (especially the micellar water – you know when your skin feels a bit icky after a long day? Yeah, this sorts it). Anyway, try them if you will. 

Under no circumstances would I say that these products have radically altered my skin (as you can see LOL) but they’re just one of the many things I’ve used that have done a bit of good.

Afia and Jay acne prone skin Bioderma products 1Afia and Jay acne prone skin Bioderma products 2 Afia and Jay acne prone skin Bioderma products 3Afia and Jay acne prone skin Bioderma products 4Afia and Jay acne prone skin Bioderma products 5Afia and Jay acne prone skin Bioderma products 6Afia and Jay acne prone skin Bioderma products 7Afia and Jay acne prone skin Bioderma products 7Afia and Jay acne prone skin Bioderma products 8

  • Tanisha Cherry

    Great post girl! I’m all too familiar with the acne struggle.

    • Thanks so much for reading Tanisha! It really is tough – trying a million and one products / methods in search of “the one” is the longest thing ever!