Making it Work

Making it Work

Don’t you just hate it when you reach the end of an argument and suddenly think of the most wonderful comeback one-liner, only it’s too late to drop it?

Yep, hashtag first world problems.



Three months have passed since I shot this outfit, and it occurred to me just yesterday evening that I hadn’t properly buttoned up my dress. To say that I’m irritated is an understatement: not just because I didn’t catch it then, but because these photos don’t show this little black Missguided tuxedo dress in all of its beautiful glory. But, just like thinking of the one-liner a little too late, we bear our errors in mind so that we won’t repeat them another time.

I want to keep this post short and sweet because there’s so much going on in this world right now in particular (but then, when is there not?) and it feels somewhat strange to be talking about incorrectly buttoned clothing when people are spreading hate and others are losing their lives just a few steps across the  away.

Of course, we can’t just click our fingers and eradicate the mistakes of those who do wrong in this world. And we can’t really do that for mini fashion faux-pas either. But what we can do (re. fashion) is this: when all else fails, throw on some fire lace-up boots and make it work.

Black lace up thigh high heels, Simmi Shoes. Black tuxedo dress, Missguided.