I have come to the conclusion that pretty much every fashion blogger has at some point (or will eventually have) published a blog post on the near impossibility of producing consistent, frequent, high-quality content on their websites. And based on the fact that it has been around a month since I last published anything (and even longer since I created any original content), I guess it’s now my turn to navel-gaze.

Of course, there is always a legitimate explanation: lack of inspiration, of time, or – in some instances – of money. For me, the second option seems the most fitting, although an honest explanation would probably be my obsession with US television dramas (see below).  My drafts page holds at least a dozen half-written blogs – many of which never see the light of day.

And so the bloggers of the fashion and beauty and lifestyle worlds continue to keep the wheels in motion, churning out posts on the awesomeness of that new season shoe or new release perfume or whatever finds its way to you via post that month. Because when a PR company or brand has sent you free products or loaned samples expecting you to create innovate content, it becomes more difficult to spend an entire Saturday binge-watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix without spiralling into a sea of sad thoughts about how inadequate you are as a businesswoman and human being and why you have allowed procrastination to consume your life like this.

Being on crutches for the past two months has been a generally crappy experience, but it has also forced me to prioritise balance in my day-to-day life. When you’re physically unable to walk for more than two minutes at a time without breaking into a serious sweat, it’s pretty impossible to spend the limited free time you do have whizzing about trying to be all things to all people. And for those of us moonlighting in areas radically different from our day jobs, those weekends of recharging become opportune days to get out the camera or laptop or other trade tool and get to work. Which, personally, I love, but which often takes place at the cost of spending time with loved ones or getting some much needed rest.

I know that I need to be more consistent in this space, and I definitely want to work on that as soon as I can. But one thing that I’ve learned from this injury is that sometimes we (read: I) need to take a step back from the multiple plates that we Millennials are so adamant on spinning and focus on the more important things – in this case, a speedy recovery.