Endless denim options, beauty products you shouldn’t sleep on, and every blogger’s favourite blouse: 5 reasons why TOPSHOP is life.

It’s no surprise that London is one of the world’s go-to spots when it comes to fashion. Favoured by some of the capital’s most stylist girls and guys, one of the city’s best offerings comes in the form of a little old shop known by many as Topshop. Heard of it? Of course you have. Not so little.

A friend of mine recently suggested to me that the brand caters only to teens, but I don’t agree — although I think you guys already know this, because you’ve seen me in Topshop pieces so many times on here! And if you do agree? Hopefully I can gently change your mind. No, scratch that – your mind must be changed by force. The place is awesome.

Keep reading below for my 5 current favourite pieces from the cult British brand…

The Dungaree Dress

Now that we’re in May, I can (almost) confidently say that summer’s around the corner! I picked up this denim dungaree dress a couple of days ago and have already started thinking about how I can style them for the slightly warmer weeks. I’ve styled it here with a cropped hoodie and patent chelsea boots. But always a fan of the Parisian girl’s sense of personal style — aren’t we all? — I’m thinking a striped Breton tee and oxblood penny loafers could work too.

Current favourites Topshop at Obsessory - Jasmine Afia of AFIA AND JAY Current favourites Topshop at Obsessory - Jasmine Afia of AFIA AND JAY Current favourites Topshop at Obsessory - Jasmine Afia of AFIA AND JAY

Dungaree dress and patent Chelsea boots, both Topshop. Black cropped hoodie, ASOS. Mini Albion box tote, Sophie Hulme. Gold triangle earrings, Sally Lane Jewellery. Round sunglasses with gold hardware, Ray-Ban.

The Vinyl Trouser

One item that’s been trending all across social media over the past few months is the vinyl trouser. Worn by the Gigis and Bellas and Haileys and Kendalls of this world, I like to think of these as the leather trouser’s more fun baby sister. But that’s not to say that this pair of shiny trousers isn’t timeless (read: I’ll be wearing these long after they’ve had their Instagram moment).

Topshop’s version is high-waisted and super skinny, and can be worn either with a band tee and trainers or slightly dressier under a tan evening coat and super high strappy stilettos. Low key obsessed – as I’m sure you will know from my Instagram.


The White Blouse

One of my favourite picks from Topshop’s current range of clothing and accessories has got to be this bell-sleeved blouse. I feel like every London blogger owns at least one bell-sleeved top in their arsenal (extra brownie points to them if it’s also in one of this season’s trends: gingham), so call me a cliché if you will but I don’t care because I love it.

The Everyday Denim

When I’m not wearing my vinyl trousers (above), you can 100% be sure that Topshop’s slouchy, retro “Mom” jeans or high-waisted denim drainpipe Jamie jeans are gracing my average-length limbs instead. An eternal favourite among the female fashion set, this item is often worn with a cozy knitted jumper and trainers, but would look just as great with a fitted blazer and block heels (which I tried out just the other day and you guys seemed to love!)


Jasmine Afia of the website afia and jay ( is wearing spring fashion with the help of Topshop - white blouse, denim mom leans, both Topshop, baby blue pumps, Zara, blue box tote, Sophie Hulme, sunglasses, Ray Ban


The Easy Highlight

If you take only one thing away from this post, let it be this: don’t sleep on Topshop’s beauty offerings! This compact Glow Stick  is perfect for summer evenings when you want to quickly add a subtle shimmer and some warmth to your complexion. Pop it in your handbag for touch-ups to cheekbones, cupid’s bows and brow bones on the go.


  • Great picks!! My favorite is the dungaree dress
    Marveling-Mind☀ | Instagram | Bloglovin’

    • Thanks Feyi! I would literally wear it every day if I could (corporate dress code says no!)


  • Do you like the Benefit watts up? I find it comes out too silver on me! Is the topshop one nicer? Also I love the dungaree dress, it looks super cute paired with the cropped hoodie!

    Martha x
    Martha Dahhling

    • Hey Martha! I do! But I get what you mean though, it’s a lot cooler/silvery in colour than most other highlighters I have. The Topshop one is lowkey better because it’s more golden (and therefore looks beaut on brown skin)


  • Risum with Ameze

    Couldnt agree more with you! This post clearly showcases why Topshop is the best they do everything and why it is life. The white blouse is my fav and their denim is always on point. Topshop is life.
    Ameze xxx

    • Right? Their denim selection is so good! Xx