The other day, I picked up a 3/4 sleeved A-line dress in the Mango sales that I thought coud be a good addition to my ever-growing work wordrobe. My mother has been mourning over the fact that I love to wear head-to-toe-black for years (pun semi-intended), and so I thought I’d see how the other half (by whom I mean the girls who get to wear dungarees and dip-dyed hair to work) live, and wear a primary colour to the office. I’m telling you, from the looks and comments I received from my female colleagues that day, it was as though a unicorn had galloped past the stationary cupboard and corner office and then given birth to miracle unicorn offspring . the At the mere sight of bright red, people. Red!

Wearing a primary colour dress is one thing, but would you ever wear a full-on bright suit? This was the question posed to me by this beautiful green jacket and trouser set from British-Nigerian contemporary womenswear brand, Weruzo. The brand’s aesthetic is particularly interesting to me for a number of reasons. You may recall some of my earlier writing about the beauty of merging cultures in fashion (which you can find here and here), and Weruzo’s pieces form the perfect blend of modern European lines and traditional West African artisan craftsmanship.

I can totally imagine someone like Miroslava Duma being photographed in a suit like this one outside a show during Fashion Week. I can also imagine myself wearing this textured green and black blazer with a white silk blouse, black 7/8 trousers and black patent slingback pumps to work… And once again being the subject of wide eyes and  the same

Are you a fan of bright clothes during office hours?

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  • colsonstyletheory

    I love this and I would wear this however I work in the creative industry so I guess I am one of the ‘dip dye dungaree wearing girls’? However I do really love the suit and will be checking out the label


    • Ah, jealous! I do miss being able to wear denim and trainers on a week day. It really is a great label – thanks for reading! Xx

  • RisumAmeze3

    Loved this post. I’m a big fan of bright colours! It is not for the purpose of standing out but it is great to lift your spirits and revamp the wardrobe ?

    • Exactly! Thanks for reading Ameze x