What’s Your Denim Type (On Paper)?

What’s Your Denim Type (On Paper)?

Milking the Love Island references for as long as it’s socially acceptable, and talking about my favourite (and probably the easiest to style) outfit piece of life: jeans.

It’s summer in London town, which means that I have both my sunglasses and my umbrella in my bag at all times in case of wonderful sunshine or horrendous downpours. It also means that we’ve come to the end of Love Island. If you’re reading from outside of the U.K. (hello! *waves*) and have zero idea what I’m talking about, or if you’ve been living under a proverbial rock for the past two months), it’s a reality tv show in which young and beautiful humans go to live in a house on a sunny island to find love, win money, obtain fame, or all of the above. Wonderfully addictive stuff (if you hated it, let me know why in the comments below!)

Anyway, when it comes to choosing what to wear in this city and at this time of year, it’s pretty difficult to figure out if it’s safe to leave the house in shorts if it’s likely that you’ll return home totally soaked in rainwater. So I’ve inadvertently defaulted to my trusty “mom” jeans – my denim “type” on paper – and paired them with trainers, espadrilles, crop tops and floaty fabrics as a way of staying cool (literally, not figuratively) and staying ready for slightly chillier breezes and light showers. Now hat I think of it, denim is kind of taking over my Instagram feed right now, don’t you think?

Let me tell you more about why mom jeans and I work so well together:

  • High waisted-ness: guaranteed to make your waist look smaller and your legs look longer. WIN.
  • Slightly wider leg cut: I think this gives the illusion of being a tad more slender – especially if worn with a fitted vest or t-shirt and rolled up to slightly above ankle height. 
  • Versatility: equally as perfect when paired with heels or dresses down with trainers. I tend to opt for the latter.

Jeans styles which are definitely not my type (and probably not yours, either)?



Excessively ripped. 


And oh my god do you guys remember pedal pushers? Not. My. Type. On. Paper.

What’s your favourite type of denim? Share yours in the comments below!
Look 1: navy turtleneck with gold buttons: Zara. Look 2: “Never have I ever…” t-shirt, Topshop (similar here). Both: High waisted Mom jeans, Topshop

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  • Risum with Ameze

    The way you wrote this post is brilliant. I have overcome the hangover of Love Island and adjusting back to life, it is pretty scary how obsessed I became with the show LOL. I agree jeans is the best and easiest thing to style and especially mom jeans the versatility about them is what I think I like the most with them and they are super comfy to wear its not always skinny jeans life right?! Topshop mom jeans I especially like they proper denim! Loved the post!

    Ameze xx