Why So Serious?

Why So Serious?

Hi, I’m Jasmine.

Amongst other things, I’m in my twenties, live in Central London with my family and love to write. I can be pretty introverted sometimes, which often makes me come across to others who don’t know me well as rude or cold. I sometimes appear overtly serious about life (new prescription lenses will do that to you), but for the most part I’m just as laid back as the next person. I like to have fun sometimes, but I’m definitely not a party animal by any stretch. Oftentimes, I’d much rather curl up on a sofa on a Saturday night with a massive cup of tea and my laptop, skimming through other fashion blogs (my favourites are Shine by Three, Man Repeller and The Coveteur) or wading through the masses of literature on Millennials and modern society on the interwebs, than go to a club. But put me in a room on my own at a networking event and I’ll chat happily to strangers, or put the right trap song on blast and I’ll show you my dab or milly rock while shouting AYYYYYYYY or YAAAAASSS with a stupid grin on my face.

I take my career seriously, but I’m also interested in the types of things that aren’t typically associated with the corporate world: things like fashion (whether in couture or disposable form), blogging, social media and pop culture. I think that one’s (sartorial) personality should be able to shine through in a place of work, even if that place is filled with individuals who couldn’t care less who or what Proenza Shouler is, or why Raf Simons left Dior last year. I don’t mind talking at length about whether Britain will elect to exist outside of the Euro and what effect that might have on our economy, or the housing bubble (if there is one), but sometimes I’d rather chat about the amazing styling work by Shiona Turini in Beyoncé’s new music video, or how it is that Selena Gomez has so many followers on Instagram.

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Last year, I wrote briefly about my conscious decision to tone parts of my wardrobe (and self) down in the hope that I’d be taken more seriously at law school. No excessive talking about fashion, or wearing leather pants to seminars, I remember thinking to myself. Sorry…what? Why so serious? Thank God I now understand the importance of being yourself (even when everyone around you has no idea what a Boy bag is). I’m also thankful that I have good friends who call me out on my out of character behaviour, when every now and again I slip subconsciously into “serious mode”. I’m not talking about my decisions to dress almost solely in black or navy, by the way, because that’s very much who I am right now. I’m talking about an active unwillingness to do or be anything or anyone remotely “fun”.

When I first started this blog, I was adamant that everything I created or wrote online would remain completely separate from my work life. I didn’t want something so dear and so personal to me to be viewed by people who perhaps wouldn’t get it, or worse, ridiculed by people who thought little of fashion or the creative industries (as is unfortunately the case sometimes). Of course, such is the nature of the Internet that my hopes were quickly dashed. Within a week of starting my job, I had associates whom I’d never met asking me if I was a “fashion blogger” and commenting on early content that I’d practically forgotten about. I found this weird at first, but I’m slowly realising that taking myself too seriously can sometimes do more harm than good, and owning who you are and where your interests lie outside of work doesn’t make you any less intelligent or capable in the office.

So ultimately, I’m thankful. Thankful for you, dear reader, for making the time to read my sometimes-serious, sometimes-satirical ramblings or maybe just look at my photographs. For telling your friends about this little corner of the internet that I’ve named Afia and Jay. For the amazing people who voted for me to win both the Bloggers’ Lounge’s Newbie Blogger of the Year and Overall Blogger of the Year awards. For encouraging me to be myself, and not the “serious Sally” version of myself I tend to pull out in social situations. And just know that next time you see me out and about, if I look really stern and maybe don’t say hi, it’s probably because I’m not wearing my glasses and don’t want to wave at a stranger like an awkward crazy person.


Dark brown tortoiseshell prescription glasses, BURBERRY (via Boots Opticians). Leather card holder, SAINT LAURENT. grey cotton ladies boxer short, CALVIN KLEIN. Gold cuff bracelet, MIANSAI.
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